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Chalet Crystal Mountain

Chalet Crystal Mountain Rates

Summer Golf Jun 1, 2018 – Sep 30, 2018 $465 $3,255 3
Low Season Oct 1, 2018 – Nov 21, 2018 $450 $3,150 3
Thanksgiving Nov 22, 2018 – Nov 26, 2018 $475 $3,325 3
Ski Season Nov 27, 2018 – Dec 21, 2018 $465 $3,255 3
Holiday Ski Dec 22, 2018 – Jan 2, 2019 $500 $3,500 3
Ski Season Jan 3, 2019 – Feb 14, 2019 $465 $3,255 3
President’s Ski Feb 15, 2019 – Feb 19, 2019 $475 $3,325 3
Ski Season Feb 20, 2019 – Mar 31, 2019 $465 $3,255 3
Low Golf Apr 1, 2019 – May 31, 2019 $450 $3,255 3
Summer Jun 1, 2019 – Sep 30, 2019 $465 $3,255 3
Low Golf Oct 1, 2019 – Nov 20, 2019 $450 $3,150 3
Thanksgiving Nov 21, 2019 – Nov 26, 2019 $465 $3,255 3
Ski Season Nov 27, 2019 – Dec 21, 2019 $465 $3,255 3
Holiday Dec 22, 2019 – Jan 3, 2020 $500 $3,500 3
Ski Season Jan 4, 2020 – Feb 13, 2020 $465 $3,255 3
President’s Ski Feb 14, 2020 – Feb 18, 2020 $475 $3,325 3
Ski Season Feb 19, 2020 – Mar 31, 2020 $465 $3,255 3
My Standard Rate N/A $465 $ 3,255 3

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Chalet Crystal Mountain Fees

Taxes 6%
Departing Cleaning Fee $200
Damage Protection $3,000 coverage for $79
Return My Guest’s Damage Deposit 7 days after checkout
First Payment $500
The Remaining Balance Is Due 45 days prior to check-in

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Chalet Crystal Mountain Policies

Smoking Non-Smoking OnlyThe no smoking policy shall include, but not be limited to the smoking of tobacco, marijuana or any other substance. Additionally, the use of electronic cigarettes and other vaping products shall be strictly prohibited.
Pets No Pets Allowed
Children Children Welcome
Accessibility Limited Accessibility
All Rentals Are To Families + Responsible Adults Only

All rentals are to families and adults, with the primarily responsible tenants required to be at least 26 years of age.Tenant acknowledges that he/she will personally occupy the property for the entire lease period and will not sublet any portion of the property.

The name and address of all guests shall be provided on the attached addendum. If a guest is under the age of 25, please provide the age and responsible parent/guardian of said individual

Use Of The Premises

Tenant agrees that the premises shall not be used for any illegal or unlawful purpose.Tenant shall be quiet and peacefully enjoy the premises so as not to disturb other neighbors.

Eviction is possible if Tenant violates the terms of this agreement or disturbs the peace. Eviction is without refund of unused rental period and forfeiture of deposit

Locked Areas and/or Areas Marked As Owners Use Only These areas, for which Tenant is not provided a key or are marked as Owners Use Only, are exempt from this rental agreement and are off limits to the Tenant.Forced or unforced entry into these areas is cause for immediate termination and Tenant will be charged for damaged and/or missing items and is subject to forfeiture of damage deposit if accessed. These areas may be under surveillance or alarmed.
Care Of Property Tenant is expected to care for the property as if it were their own and to leave the home in the same condition as it was found upon check-in. If any emergency situation arises, such as heating system malfunction or water leaks, Tenant is responsible for contacting Landlord immediately for assistance. Rearranging of furniture is not permitted.Tenant acknowledges that unless Landlord is notified on day of check-in of any damage or cleaning concerns, then thereafter, all damages to the property or its contents during the occupancy will be Tenant’s responsibility and must be reported to Landlord prior to departure. Do not adjust electronic/media component wiring and connections.
Snow Sports Equipment No skis, snowboards or other similar snow sports equipment shall be stored or kept inside of the home. Said equipment shall be stored in the garage only. All ski boots and snowboard boots shall be removed immediately upon entering the home and shall not be worn inside the home.
Use Of Toilets/Plumbing Tenant is responsible for reasonable use of plumbing; toilets are for normal biological excrement use only. No sanitary products, diapers, or any other debris is to be flushed in the toilets. Toilet plungers are provided for Tenant use for normal use of toilets.If toilet overflow or kitchen sink overflow is due to irresponsible use, unreasonable use or flushing of unauthorized objects or excessive use of garbage disposal, Tenant will be responsible for all repairs and service expenses.
Parking Tenant shall be permitted to park vehicles in the driveway.
Garbage Plastic bags should be used for all garbage which should be placed in the outside bin. Recycling containers are also provided and should be used as often as possible. Garbage will be picked up on day provided by Landlord.
Access To Property If any situation arises where repairs must be made during Tenant’s rental period such as but not limited to heating system malfunction, hot water heater malfunction, pipe leaks, appliance malfunction, etc., access by Landlord and or its service representatives is permitted. Except for emergency situations, access for repairs will generally be made during regularly scheduled work hours (8 am to 5 pm).
Property Damage

Tenant is required to purchase Max Protect short term renters insurance through VBRO/Property Damage Protection. The tenant will receive a link from guest service to purchase the short term renters insurance.Tenant shall provide proof to Landlord that coverage is in place prior to receiving the access information.

If any of the terms of this rental agreement are not abided by, the Landlord will notify the tenant and file a claim with the damage protection provider.

If damages exceed the amount of the protection coverage or if Landlord’s damage protection claim is denied for any reason, the tenant will be liable to the Landlord for said damages.

No charges will be required if:

  • Checkout procedures listed below have been followed, and
  • No damage is done to the property or its contents beyond normal wear and tear, and
  • Tenant departed on/or before 10:00 am on checkout date (no late check-out), and
  • Tenant is not evicted by the Landlord (or representative of the Landlord) or local law enforcement.
Maximum Occupancy

The maximum number of guests for this property is 14 people or the number of persons specified in your rental agreement, whichever is less.There will be an additional penalty charge and forfeiture of deposit if occupancy exceeds the rental agreement guest quantity.

No additional guests are to be added by sleeping on the floors, in sleeping bags, on blow up mattresses or any other guest added bedding.

Check-In Check in time is 3:00 p.m. local time on the arrival date.There are no early check-in exceptions unless prior arrangements have been made with Landlord in writing. This includes no early drop off of travel bags even to the garage; this is a strictly enforced condition of the contract.
Check-Out Check out time is 11:00 am local time on the departure date.There are no late check-outs and there are no exceptions. This is a strictly enforced condition of the contract.
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